Key Stage 2

Here you will find the arrangements for the 2016 SATs. Form tutors will also go through this information with students in school, but reinforcement from home is always useful. Information for 2017 SATs will be added in due course.

There are some things that can be done at home to support your child through this period:

  • Please ensure students get plenty of rest by encouraging them to go to bed at a reasonable hour.
  • Make sure they have breakfast and arrive at school in plenty of time to enable a calm start to the day.
  • Do try to avoid making any dental or doctor’s appointments for your child during this week, unless of course it is an emergency.
  • Students work very hard in preparation for these tests and the school is always impressed by their attitude and positive response. We would like to thank parents and families for their continued support and hope that the results will reflect our combined efforts, both at home and at school.

Important Dates:

KS2 SATs Information Evening Thursday 27th October 6pm – 7pm
KS2 Walking Talking Mocks Week commencing: Monday 6th February 2017
KS2 Pre-Public Exams Week Commencing: Monday 27th February 2017

Walking Talking Mocks

We work hard to prepare our students well but also alleviate stress and worry, as much as possible, in the run up to the exams. So they know what to expect on the day of the exams, we run a 'Walking Talking Mock' where the students experience sitting in the hall in exam conditions and are talked through practice papers. So students can refer back to this, we have produced these videos of the teachers explaining how to answer questions on the practice papers. Below each link is a PDF of the example paper.

KS2 SATs Mathematics Reasoning test paper

WTM Maths Paper (Feb 2016)

KS2 SATs English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling test paper

WTM GPS Test Question Paper (Feb 2016)

WTM GPS Test Spelling Paper (Feb 2016)

KS2 SATs English Reading test paper

WTM Reading Text (Feb 2016)

WTM Reading Questions (Feb 2016)

2017 KS2 SATs Timetable: Monday 8th May - Friday 12th May

  • Monday 8th May

    English reading test (60 Minutes)
  • Tuesday 9th May

    Levels 3-5 English grammar, punctuation and spelling test

    Paper 1: A booklet of short answers (45 Minutes)

    Paper 2: A Spelling Task (15 Minutes)
  • Wednesday 10th May

    Levels 3-5 Mathematics Test

    Paper 1: Arithmetic (30 Minutes)

    Paper 2: Reasoning (40 Minutes)
  • Thursday 11th May


    Paper 3: Reasoning (40 Minutes)
  • Friday 12th May

    English Writing: Internally Assessed (60 Minutes)

Equipment Needed

All the equipment required for both English & Maths tests will be provided by the school.