Manor High School Wins Technology Tournament

On Friday 24 February twelve students from the school were invited to represent the school at the annual Rotary Club Technology Tournament hosted at the Leicester Grammar School.

The school entered a team from Year 7, 8 and 9 comprising of four team members. Students involved had previously demonstrated a high degree of aptitude within the area of Design and Engineering

Students were tasked with creating a motor powered ‘buggy’ that was capable of being operated remotely to move a set of materials. Students worked in teams and were assessed on planning and teamwork, design analysis, design development, realisation of ideas, written portfolio of evidence and product testing.

Our Year 9 team won the Foundation category for students aged 11-14. We are especially proud of this achievement given the calibre of schools that were competing against. Joseph Crummey (W4) was commended by the judges for his contributions towards the success of the team with the standard of his visual communication skills.

Our Year 7 team was the youngest represented at the tournament and were delighted to be placed in 3rd overall.

Congratulations to all that were involved in ‘inspirationally’ representing the school.


Year 9: Zoe (K3), Henna (W1), Jai (C8) and Joseph (W4)

3rd Place:

Year 7: Princess (B6), Aleena (C2), Stepan (C5) and Amar (W9)


Year 8: Sophia (B3), Bethany (B5), Krish (W4) and Asher (K4)

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