Mobile Phones and Devices

At Manor High, we do not ban mobile phones or other devices but we expect them to be turned off at all times during the school day. The reason for this is that communication must be appropriate, supervised and done with permission. The vast majority of online bullying is done outside schools not in them and with the growth of new apps, software and technology, this remains a national area of concern. Mobile phones do play a role in the safety of students and understand that parents and carers may wish to be able to contact children on their way to or from school.

We were not part of the rush to acquire iPads and the wisdom of this decision has been borne out by educational evidence. Whilst the provision of iPads for students has been an attractive marketing ploy for some schools, we have followed the educational research and are currently working with parents to find ways in which mobile devices can be harnessed effectively for learning through the Bring Your Own Device strategy.  

Inevitably, this brings lots of challenges for all schools. Appropriate use and the continuous development of new technologies are key areas for attention.  

The school does not accept any responsibility for damage or theft of mobile phones or other devices.

We greatly appreciate the support of parents and carers in maintaining our high standards.