Staff Workplace Challenge

Manor High was one of 18 workplaces from around Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland who came together on Friday 9thto determine which team would claim gold at the Workplace Olympics, held at Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium.

The three hour Olympics style tournament saw track and field events combine with more traditional sports such as handball in order to determine who would be taking home the medals and glory this year. Friends and colleagues joined together, with teams of eight all getting opportunities at activities they may not have tried before.

Manor High team included: Mr Watson, Mr Flax, Mr Pollard, Mr Burbidge, Mrs Watson, Mr Loweth, Mr Cross and Mr King. They had a great evening of friendly competition with Mr Watson proud to have won the sack race and Mr Flax victorious in the 100m. Injuries sustained during the evening included two pulled ham strings and a dead leg!

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