Year 6 Inspired by Adam Walker the Ocean Swimmer

We were delighted to welcome Adam Walker back to the school this week. Last January, on the staff training day, Adam inspired us with his accounts of his seven epic swims across the world’s most notorious channels and oceans.

Because it was so engaging and exciting and because so many of us have now read his book, we invited Adam in to work with our Year 6 students.

This is an important year group because the students are preparing for their SATs and also preparing through a specialist secondary curriculum for Key Stage 3.

Adam explained how he prepared for each swim and the challenges he faced. Among some of the most memorable was his account of being saved from a potential shark attack by a group of friendly and protective dolphins.

Another remarkable story described how he overcame an attack by deadly jelly fish but still completed his swim despite unbearable pain, freezing waters and chronic nausea.

“I really loved listening to Adam and asking him questions. I can’t wait to read his book and find out more. This has made me feel really confident and determined”. Year 6 student.

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