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Manor’s Musical Maestros

Well done to Manor High School’s musical siblings, Ciaran and Isla Reiff-Marganiec. 

Both have achieved amazing heights with examinations.  Ciaran (Year 10) achieved a distinction in Grade 8 cornet and Isla (Year 8) achieved a merit in Grade 7 violin, in what is the highest and second highest grade in the traditional ABSRM exam combining practice and music theory. 

Isla was due to play in the National Schools Symphony Orchestra this summer after having secured a place by audition.  Unfortunately, for the second time, it was cancelled due to COVID restrictions.

Ciaran was luckier and played in both the NCBBGB and the NYBBGB (National Children and Youth Brass Band of GB) in Repton in summer.  At the former, he gained an award (pictured).