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Design, Technology & Art Lockdown ​​​​​​​Achievements

Congratulations to all students, parents and carers for continuing with the high standards of work completed during these unprecedented times.

The quality of work that we have received from students within this creative area of the curriculum has been overwhelming! We hope that you have all taken on a new creative hobby whilst at home and harnessed your inner Artist. Programmes such as ‘Art with Grayson Perry’ and Jamie Oliver’s ‘Keep Cooking and Carry On’ have been inspiring and reminded us of the importance of maintaining our well-being and healthy lifestyle.

PPE Masks being made by DTATeachers within the Design, Technology and Art department have responded to the call for vital PPE equipment for frontline workers by producing face shields. These protective shields produced within the workshop at Manor High have gone into hospitals across the East Midlands, GP surgeries, pharmacies and care homes. These requests have been received from parents and students concerned about the community which we are all privileged to be a part of.

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Mr Tara, Head of Design, Technology and Art.

Challenge on!

Teachers within DTA have been busy setting a range of tasks and challenges for students to complete via ‘Show my Homework’. The positive feedback that we have received from you all has been inspiring. Teachers within the department have been responding to questions and have all created ‘home learning platforms’ to make access to resources straightforward. Please continue to look out for links on your task lists.

Show my Homework challenges

Easter Egg competition winners

Congratulations to Riya (Y8) and Resandu (Y9) on winning this years’ hotly contested competition! We received a high volume of entries and it was an extremely difficult decision to decide upon a single winner. Thank you to all entrants and to Zeph’s Café for your generous donation of prizes.

Easter Egg competition winners

Comfort of cooking and benefits of baking

Students cooking at home
Veer made a chickpea and soya curry with a traditional Punjabi side of roti; Josh made his own shortcrust pastry to make sausage rolls; Joseph has been making muffins, sausage rolls and croissants.

Home learning is demonstrating the hidden talents of both staff and students. Cooking and baking are known to have comforting, anti-stress effects. Taking part is the kitchen demands patience, knowledge and a fair amount of skill.

With current restrictions limiting us to our household, many people around the world have found enjoyment and passion for baking/cooking, and Manor High students have been a part of that. The efforts and quality of products have been recognised by the Design department. We want to thank you for taking the time to send us photographs of your experiments, challenge entries and project products. Please continue to keep Miss Hackfath up to date with the products you are making:

A special mention from the department has to go to some of our Year 7 students. These students were only part way through their Food project when school closed. They have continued to complete the ‘Snack chef’ project tasks set on Show My Homework. Students below have really excelled practically and have shown their independence, initiative and enthusiasm for the subject.

Learning through art

Learning through and about the arts enriches the experience of students while at school as well as preparing them for life after school. Within Art lessons students have been encouraged to show self-expression, creativity and develop confidence as well as a sense of individual identity. With the current situation Miss Petrou has been looking for new ways that students can develop with limited resources. We have seen students being expressive using coffee as a medium to paint with and even using empty loo rolls to create imaginative pieces of artwork.

Students artwork
Sriya used an empty toilet roll to make a cat; Safia-Noor has been busy with portraits; Megan has submitted some great work; Luke and Carter have both created robots out of junk; Nailah has produced a zoomed in cake adventure!

Creativity has been well known for helping with wellbeing and improving health and happiness. It has been fantastic to see students utilising this.

Studying arts subjects also helps to develop critical thinking and the ability to interpret the world around us. Students have been contributing to the community during this unprecedented time of COVID-19 pandemic. They have been producing work for the following; MHA Aigburth-Residential & Dementia Care Home in Oadby, Rutland Headway a local charity supporting adults with acquired brain injuries and Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Please continue to send Miss Petrou your creations to, she is very proud of all student’s outcomes, so keep them coming.