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Lockdown Games

Our PE department are running house competitions for their groups during online PE lessons. The task is for students to create their own lockdown game.

The games must be appropriate for indoors or in the garden and can only include players that the students live with whilst in lockdown. They can be any sort or game but the more unique the better. 

Some students chose to create a brand new game with their own rules and some took existing games and adapted them and changed certain elements. Some have used equipment from around their houses and some have built their games with junk and recycling. We have been very impressed with our student's creativity!

Students have done a great job of coming up with lots of different fun and unique ideas, some of which are pictured above:

  • The one with the green pitch is called 'Blow Ball' by Yara in Year 7
  • The Golf course type one is called 'Elimination Frenzy' by Manjaap in Year 7
  • The basketball one is called 'Basketball Shoot' by Shibiha in Year 7

Winners are selected in each PE class and house points allocated accordingly. Currently each house has won:

  • Bradgate 1900
  • Clarendon 800
  • Knighton 650
  • Watermead 1350

But it is all still to play for! There will be more results to follow as classes complete the task.

Lockdown games by Year 8