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Exams & Procedures

Manor High School is a certified exam centre. We offer a full range of GCSE subjects to our Year 11 students. 

We have experience in running exams and ensuring students are fully prepared. With small marginal gains, that manage and relieve the anxiety and stress of exams, we are able to offer some of the best results in the area and nationally. 

The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England.

The management of exams in schools is based on guidance from The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ). JCQ is the single voice for its member awarding bodies. Details of their policies and guidance for schools can be found on their website:

Please note: this page is updated annually in advance of the GCSE exams. The previous year's information remains for informative purposes only.

2022-2023 Year 11 Intervention Sessions

In order to support students in the run up to their PPE exams, departments will be running intervention sessions, either at lunchtime or after school as per the timetable below.

If your child is asked to attend these sessions then they are expected to.  The students asked to attend may differ from week to week over time.

Day Lunchtime after-school (3.05-4.05pm)

Design Technology

Art and Design

Food Preparation and Nutrition

Tuesday PE/Sports Studies Mathematics
Wednesday Media Studies Science




Business Studies/Enterprise & Marketing

Computer Science/iMedia


2022-2023 Year 11 PPEs (November)

Year 11 PPEs Week 7th - 11th November
Mon 7th Business Studies Paper 1 (1h30) Maths Paper 1 - Higher & Foundation (1h30) PE (1h)
Tue 8th English Literature Paper 1 (1h45)

Computer Science Paper 1 (1h30)

Food Preparation & Nutrition (1h45)

Statistics (1h30)
Wed 9th

Combined Science – Biology paper (1h15)

Single Sciences – Biology paper (1h45)

(Higher and Foundation Tiers)
Maths Paper 2 - Higher & Foundation (1h30) No exam
Thu 10th

Spanish and French Writing Paper:

Higher (1h15)
Foundation (1h05)

English Language Paper 1 (1h45) Creative iMedia (1h15)
Fri 11th English Language Paper 2 (1h45) Maths Paper 3 - Higher & Foundation (1h30) No exam
Year 11 PPEs Week 14th - 18th November
Mon 14th

Combined Science – Chemistry paper (1h15)

Single Sciences – Chemistry paper (1h45)

(Higher and Foundation Tiers)
Spanish Reading and Listening Papers:

Higher (1h45)
Foundation (1h20)

PE (1h)
Tue 15th Business Paper 2 (1h) Design Technology (2h) History (1h)
Geography (50mins)
Wed 16th

Combined Science – Physics paper (1h15)

Single Sciences – Physics paper (1h45)

(Higher and Foundation Tiers)
Drama - Component 3 (1h30)
Media (1h30)
Marketing & Enterprise (1h30)
Music (1h30)
Thu 17th Art Art Art
Fri 18th French Reading and Listening Papers:

Higher (1h45)
Foundation (1h20)

Computer Science Paper 2 (1h30) No exam

GCSE Results Day Summer 2022

This academic year, GCSE Results day is Thursday 25th August 2022. Manor High School will be open from 8.30am until 10:30am for students to collect their exam statement of results from the Humanities canopy. Candidates will be required to sign an acknowledgement of collection on receipt of these results.

If a candidate would prefer their statement of results to be sent to them through the post, they must provide a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the Exams Officer beforehand.

If a candidate cannot come in person to collect their statement of results and nominates someone else to collect it, the following steps must be adhered to:

  • A letter must be brought, from the candidate, authorising the person. This letter must include:
    • The date
    • The candidate’s full name
    • The authorised person’s full name
    • A statement from the candidate authorising the nominated person to collect their statement of result
    • The candidate’s signature
  • The nominated person must also bring a photo ID with them. 

GCSE certificates will be sent to Manor High School by the Awarding Bodies some time during November. The school will contact candidates when this occurs so that certificates may be collected.

Year 11 Advanced Information (Summer 2022)

Links to the advanced information released by exam boards w/c 7 February can be found here. This indicates, in some subjects, the changes to some courses due to COVID-19. It is important to note that the content of most of the GCSEs has not been reduced. We were aware of this at the beginning of the year, this is not new news.  We have always maintained that the exams are the same in difficulty as previous years. In many cases the exams will assess the same varied array of knowledge of previous years. The only difference is that the advanced information indicates the major topics that will be examined.

The advanced information states what will definitely be examined in the summer from the qualification specification and students should base their revision upon these lists. Students across the country all have access to this same information and grades are assigned based on student comparisons. Therefore, if a student chooses not to prepare then they are putting themselves at a greater disadvantage than in a normal year as all students across the country will have seen the advanced information which removes the element of 'luck' of a topic coming up in the exam, and removes the 'everything I revised wasn't on the paper'.

Summer Exam Timetable

2022-2023 timetable is not yet available. 

Copies of individual exam timetables can be requested from the Exams Officer. Requests can be in person or sent by email to:

As always if you have any questions or concerns you wish to discuss, please contact the school by telephone or by email to our Exams Officer :