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As you will see if you visit the school, our students wear the Manor High uniform with pride.

We believe strongly in the importance of uniform in schools. It supports greater safety through quick recognition both inside and outside school, it creates a sense of identity and a sense of togetherness.  Uniform relieves pressure on students from having to grow up too soon or to be pressured into wearing expensive or fashionable items of clothing.  It keeps the focus on learning and this is supportive as well as a useful reminder of the core purpose of school.  

Parents who have financial difficulty in providing uniform are supported by the school and we have the support of all parents in maintaining high standards of dress at all times.  

We don’t tolerate deviation from the uniform, nor excessive jewellery and make up.

Manor High School uniform is available to purchase from our local schoolwear shop,

Schoolwear Solutions
64 London Road

For those who prefer to order online, please visit their website. Items that can only be purchased at Schoolwear Solutions are marked with an asterisk (*).


The uniform consists of:

  • Grey blazer with the Manor High logo*
  • Grey v-neck knitted jumper with the Manor High logo (optional)*
  • White formal shirt with buttons to neck, long sleeve or short sleeve
  • Manor High striped clip on tie in house colours (two lengths available)*
  • 2021-2022: Formal black knee-length skirt, formal tartan skirt* or formal tailored black trousers or shorts
  • 2022-2023 onwards: Formal tartan skirt* or formal tailored black trousers or shorts
  • A plain (black or grey) headscarf may be worn for religious reasons
  • Plain white or black socks
  • Plain skin-coloured, black or grey tights
  • Formal school shoes (i.e. they can be polished and are solid black)
  • E-card and house lanyard for use in the library and for the purchase of lunch/snacks
  • Only one pair of small stud earrings and a watch is permitted
  • Manor High PE kit* (see details below)

House lanyards are available from school reception and cost £3.00 each (payment via Schoolgateway). E-cards are supplied free of charge but replacements, in the event of loss or damage, cost £4 and can be ordered via Schoolgateway.

We highly recommend that all uniform is clearly labelled with your child’s name so if it’s ever misplaced it can be safely returned.

Coats and school bags are the students’ choice but should be suitable for the school environment, as will be carried throughout the day.

Items that are not permitted:

  • Make up
  • Nail varnish and any type of false nails (i.e. acrylic, gel or shellac)
  • Brightly coloured hair (i.e. any colour that is not a natural hair colour)
  • Skinny jeans or leggings
  • Short skirts
  • Hoodies
  • Trainers or shoes that feature logos
  • Brightly coloured or patterned head scarves

Students who don't respect our uniform standards may be sanctioned accordingly.

PE Kit - Boys and Girls


  • Blue Manor High blue t-shirt/polo shirt*
  • Blue Manor High navy shorts/tracksuit bottoms*
  • Blue Manor High football socks*
  • Trainers (separate from footwear worn to school)
  • Studded football boots (for activities on the playing fields)
  • Shin Pads (for football and hockey)
  • Gum shield (for rugby and hockey)

Recommended Items:

  • Manor High navy fleece/multi-sports top
  • Blue, black or white base layer (e.g. skin tight under armour)

It is compulsory that students wear studded footwear for activities on the playing fields during the autumn and winter months as well as shin pads for football and hockey for safety reasons. A gum shield recommended when playing rugby and hockey also.

We want our students to be comfortable and warm during PE lessons outside. Students are required to wear appropriate PE kit at all times as specified above. During winter months, students will be allowed to wear under armour in the form of long-sleeved skin-tight tops and sports leggings under their polo shirts and shorts in the colours indicated above.

No tracksuits or fleeces are allowed to be worn indoors. However, specific adaptations to the PE kit are permitted for religious requirements.

On days when students are timetabled for PE, they attend school for the full day in their PE kit. This negates the use of the changing rooms and helps minimise clothing items being misplaced/forgotten.