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Inspirational Humanities Work at Home

This has been such a testing time for so many families in our community and as a father of a nine year old myself, I know how hard it can be to maintain routine, structure and your own sanity. 

However, I have to say that we have been blown away in Humanities with some of the work that students have been submitting.  Below you can see some of our our students work that has been submitted via Show My Homework.

I hope you enjoy looking at these, we have been posting different examples of work on a daily basis on our twitter feed @ManorHumanities

Furthermore we have set up a Manor High School Humanities You Tube channel where our Year 10’s are taken through their home learning lessons with their teachers.

Mr Cross, Head of Humanities


In History our enthusiastic Year 7 historians have been continuing to study the Tudors and Tudor life.  We have seen very creative Armada comic strips and horrible history sketches.  

Our exceptional Year 8 cohort have been engaged in the causes of WW2 and the war itself.  Some of the work on this topic has been inspirational, and I don’t use that word lightly.  From poems to Monopoly style board games, it has been a pleasure to see what they have been up to. 

Diligent Year 9s have been continuing their GCSE studies by looking at public health in medieval England.  We have seen some wonderful sketches depicting medieval life. 

Our conscientious Year 10 students have been looking at America at the end of the 19th Century.  In Year 10 I have seen some exam answers which fill me with confidence that they are going to smash their GCSE’s next year. 

History work
Riya created a WW2 Monopoly game; Carter wrote an inspirational poem; Aleena produced a wonderful depiction of a medieval town and the health hazards.


In Geography our excited Year 7 students have been learning about earthquakes and how they affect people and places around the world. Work produced includes some fantastic earthquake diaries.

Earthquake cartoon
Earthquake comic strip by Abi.

Our exceptional Year 8 cohort have been looking at Population and Development, comparing their lives in Leicester to those in Mumbai. Students used maps to show what different areas of Leicester are like.

Diligent Year 9 have been continuing their GCSE studies by studying Sustaining Ecosystems, looking at different ecosystems around the world. Some fantastic work has been produced, showing key features of different ecosystems.

Our dedicated Year 10 have had some valuable time to recap their Year 9 topics, working on Sustaining Ecosystems and Global Hazards revision. This revisiting of previous topics is an important task for students so they feel confident with their knowledge and understanding. It has also allowed them to work on their independent revision skills.

Students geography work
Megan created an explosive diagram of a volcano; Qasam made great use of the Burgess model to show different parts of Leicester;  Cayman submitted some lovely comparison work between Leicester and Mumabi; while Sanae has done some beautiful work on coral reefs.


Religious Studies

Students have been engaged in lessons ranging from learning about Synagogues to philosophy and Ethics.  We have had some fantastic leaflets and video’s in response to these tasks.

RE work
Megan created a well-presented leaflet about synagogues; Melinda produced a wonderful video; Abi made an excellent YouTube creation about the inside of a Synagogue.