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Maths Updates

As the weeks have passed, pupils and the Maths department have adjusted to a new way of teaching and learning and we have been incredibly impressed with the engagement and commitment that pupils have shown.

Maths has always been a highly valued subject amongst our students and these challenging weeks have solidified this for us. Teachers across the department have found new and engaging ways to support pupils who have in turn invested time and effort in seeking help from their teachers when required. We very much support this and would like to encourage students to continue to email teachers with any questions and queries throughout this period of school closure.

Keep an eye on our twitter feed (@Maths_ManorHigh) where we are publishing details of the pupils who have made the weekly PiXL Maths App leaderboard.

A huge well done to all pupils who have been engaging in the home learning. Remember to email us if there is anything we can do to support you at this time, we like to hear from you regarding your efforts in Maths and are always happy to help!

Mr B Patel, Head of Maths

Year 7 and 8

BBC BitesizeAs well as using the superb resources made available from  Twinkl and the White Rose Maths Hub in association with BBC Bitesize, pupils have also had the opportunity to use a wide range of interactive maths games and activities.

Pupils continue to work through the video lessons, presentations and games whilst being given the opportunity to receive feedback both from their teachers and through self-assessment using the PiXL Maths App.

ChatterboxIn Miss Bryce’s Year 7 class students have been working consistently hard to complete the tasks on the PiXL Maths App. Last week pupils were asked to try a cube numbers chatterbox so we look forward to seeing the results.

Mrs Patel’s Year 7 class have been looking at Shapes, Area, Perimeter and Volume, with students creating wonderful posters on 3D Shapes

Year 8 have been looking at Rearranging Formula and there has been lots of good work.

Some examples of students work can be seen below.

Year 7 & 8 work

Year 9 and 10

Year 9 and 10 have been working hard through the Key Stage Four Curriculum as they progress towards their GCSE’s. They have been engaging with the work in a really positive way and teachers have been receiving lots of emails from eager and hard-working students which is fantastic!

Students have also been using the fabulous Diagnostic Questions website which has proved an invaluable tool in supporting pupils to overcome misconceptions and receive instant feedback.

Teachers have been supporting pupils with feedback tasks and also making use of the Corbett Maths video tutorials as well as the PiXL Maths App. These resources allow teachers to track the progress of pupils and determine target areas and secured knowledge which is supporting planning for both this year and next academic year.   

Year 9 and 10 work