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Embedding Positive Behaviours

As a school we encourage and expect positive behaviour at all times. Through our strong ethos and core values, our students are well-behaved and respectful of others and school expectations. We also have many routines that maximise learning and support calm and focused lessons; we refer to these as the Manor High Way.

However, we have processes and sanctions in place to manage behaviour that doesn't meet our high expectations. 

A summary of our sanctions and consequences is outlined below:

Level sanction Likely behaviours exhibited


Student detained at breaktime or lunchtime for a restorative conversation.
  • Single occasion of low level disruption or off task behaviour. 
  • Failure to complete requested work after a reminder.


30-minute after school detention (24 hours' notice given) run by Curriculum Leaders.  Students will get a warning on the first occasion, then the 30-minute detention on the second occasion*.
  • Failure to attend S1 restorative conversation. 
  • Continued low level disruption.


60-minute Senior Leadership detention after school.  (Held twice a week - at least 24 hours' notice given).
  • Serious non-compliance or unreasonable behaviour that results in removal from the classroom. 
  • 3 x S2 detentions issued in one half-term. 
  • Failure to attend S2 detention.


90 minute Senior Leadership detention (Held weekly - at least 24 hours' notice given).
  • Serious single incidents resulting in isolation. 
  • Verbal or physical abuse to students or staff. 
  • Serious single incident. 
  • Failure to attend S3 detention or not rectifying behaviour after removal.  

* After the second warning and the detention is issued, this is reset, and the student starts again.  It is not cumulative.  Students have a fresh start every half-term.

Ready to Learn (R2L)

30 min after school detention (with 24 hours' notice).

In order to support our expectations around standards, a R2L detention will be issued for incidents such as being late for lessons, failing to be fully equipped for learning, using a mobile device, wearing or using air pods (or versions of) and breaches of our uniform policy.  R2L replaces FINE detentions.

After three of these infringements, the student will enter the above consequence table at S3 level.  


We are aware of issues also around the use of smartwatches, however, at this stage we are of the opinion that if the mobile devices are turned off, then there should be no use of the smartwatch other than to indicate time.  Should this not be the case, we will confiscate the watch and sanction accordingly.  We also reserve the right to review the use of these, should it be required.  Refusal to hand the device to the staff member will result in escalation to the S3 level immediately. 

Making good choices

It should be noted that we expect very few students to be impacted by these sanctions, as the focus should be on good choices and behaviours that can be rewarded and not sanctions for negative behaviours.  The list above is not an exhaustive list of examples and there will be more significant sanctions for more serious and rare infringements beyond those listed.

We have designed this procedure with simplicity in mind so that students understand fully the consequences of their actions and can reflect and rectify their behaviour over time.  We will ‘reset’ this half-termly to ensure that students get the opportunity for a fresh start.

The school has considered the use of detentions carefully and, whilst same day after school detentions are now common in many schools, we prefer to continue to work with parents of the small number of students whose actions require this sanction by notifying them prior to the day of the detention.

There has been discussion with local community and faith leaders; these sanctions are supported on the principle that good behaviour is expected at school and a variation from this is an active choice by the student.

We have done, and will do more, staff training to ensure there is consistency with the application of these standards to ensure fairness, consistency and transparency.

How we will communicate with you

As a result of parental feedback, we have revisited our communication channels with you moving forwards. I am delighted to report that we will be moving to ClassCharts, to communicate rewards and behaviour with you. You may wish to download the app from the App Store on Apple or from Google Play.

This is an extensive and straight forward system which will keep you fully informed of all rewards and sanctions that have been applied. 

I am sure you will agree that high standards of behaviour should be part of all aspects of school life.  Our belief at school is that we should use these systems as a lever for excellent behaviour not a weapon to punish poor behaviour.

We will continue to review these systems with regular parent, student and staff voice to ensure we have a system that supports positive behaviours in school for all.