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GCSE Results

Manor High is proud to have four years of outstanding GCSE results and experience. Our students have achieved exceptional progress and results every year.

Information on our official results from 2019 can be found on the government website: The 2022 results will be published by the DfE in November 2022.

2022 Results

In 2022, 90% of our students got 4+ in Maths and English (provisional national figure is 75.3%) and 76% gained 5+ in Maths and English (provisional national figure is 60.3%). Grade 6 was the average grade achieved and we had a massive 339 grade 8 and 9s awarded.

National comparisons use Progress 8 (P8) to capture the progress a student makes from the end of primary school to the end of secondary school. Attainment 8 (A8) measures the achievement of a student across eight qualifications.

Later in the autumn we will find out our Progress 8 and Attainment 8 scores for 2022, once national figures have been validated and analysed.

Exceptional progress

In 2019, our P8 score of +0.96 equated to students at Manor High on average doing better by one whole grade at KS4 than those with similar prior attainment nationally. We hope for similar this year.

This is an amazing achievement and is the reason we are in the top 1% of schools nationally for progress and the highest performing school in the county.


Examinations success in a landmark year at Manor High School (2019)

In 2019, Manor High School celebrated its 50th anniversary with a superb set of GCSE examinations results.  Significantly, this marks the first ever set of full GCSE results since the school changed its age range from 10-14 to an 11-16 setting.  Whilst never complacent and always eager to improve, we are delighted with our students’ performance and have no doubt that the hard work and close attention given to each individual made the difference.  In particular, the continuity, in a familiar and trusted learning environment, ensured that students remained focused on their studies and progress.  The bespoke care and personalised revision programmes really paid off and we enjoyed a well-deserved celebration in June with a sensational prom.  

Under reformed and more challenging GCSEs, we were thrilled to have secured so many of the very highest grades as well as outstanding levels of individual progress.  Nationally, under the new regime, a grade 4 is regarded as a basic pass, 5 a strong pass and anything above this is very high.  

At Manor High, a fifth of all entries resulted in grades 8 or 9.  This is equivalent to or higher than the previous A* grade.  A third of all entries resulted in a grade 7 or higher, which is equivalent to an A or higher under the former GCSE grades.  23% of all students achieved a grade 9 in one or more subjects.  In Mathematics, 10% of entries achieved a grade 9.  18% of all History entries resulted in a grade 9.  In the Single Sciences, 19% achieved a grade 9 in Biology and also in Chemistry.  In Physics, the figure was 24% who achieved a grade 9.  Individual successes include a student who achieved eight grade 9s and many others who achieved multiple grade 9s.  

Our levels of individual progress are particularly exciting.  Many of our students have far exceeded targets which are pitched against the top 5% of students nationally.  This means that compared with their starting point on arrival at Manor High School, many of our students have far surpassed national progress at the highest level.  This is true, for example, for those achieving a strong pass in both Maths and English Language.  

Manor High students are encouraged to study the English Baccalaureate subjects as it maximises future opportunities. In 2019, 87% of Manor High students were entered for the English Baccalaureate, over double the average in Leicestershire and England.

There are examples of students who have overcome enormous difficulties in their personal lives and it is affirming to see that the pastoral care and support as well as the excellent academic rigour ensured that they were able to achieve huge levels of progress and attainment in their grades.  

Mr Powell, Headteacher, said:

“Congratulations to all of the students, their families and the staff for these outstanding GCSE results.  Manor High is unique in its focus on every individual and I am delighted that all of the hard work, over so many years, has led to such well-earned success”.  

Results and certificates

In August, students receive their statement of results from their GCSE examinations (these are not the certificates). The statement of results document is proof of your results and will be accepted by colleges and other further education that you are moving on to.

GCSE certificates will arrive in school by the end of November. The school will contact you to advise they are ready to collect so please ensure we have your correct contact details. Once they are in school, you can come and pick them up from the Exams Office at any point.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your results, please contact our Exams Officer at:

Enquires about results (EAR)

Candidates may request the school to undertake an enquiry on their behalf after their subject grade has been issues, if they believe there has been an error in marking. In the first instance, we ask candidates to contact the relevant Head of Department to discuss their results. The school will then support the candidate in the process from there.