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Student Leadership

Head Boy and Head Girl

The Head Boy and Head Girl are recruited and appointed at the end of Year 10 to start their role in Year 11. They are ambassadors for the school and represent the school in all major events that the school is involved in.

House Captains

There are eight House Captains; two students from each House. The annual recruitment process is thorough and involves a formal interview with the House Managers. This is an important role and carries a lot of responsibility as the House Captains are instrumental in guiding and inspiring their house to achieve.

School Council

The School Council continues to flourish at Manor High School. At the commencement of every academic year, willing students stand for election from each form group. Through a democratic process the School Council is formed. There are 32 form representatives, one member from each tutor group, and the House Captains. Tutor groups can raise issues with their form representative at any point and these issues would be considered by the council at monthly meetings.

The school council is effective and vibrant and gives students the opportunity to raise current issues at monthly meetings. They have successfully campaigned to the local council to improve Road Safety, for which they were awarded the Diana Award. They are very much part of the decision making process in the school and have bought about many positive changes within the school. They are involved in the recruitment of new staff by taking part in a student panel; a very valuable role. As well as the Headteacher being present at every meeting, other staff also attend to get direct feedback on issues raised by the students.