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Study Centre

A place to learn in a comfortable and safe environment. Read books, complete homework, complete group work, research, seek study skills advice and much, much more...

Manor High has an outstanding study centre that as well as providing a vast wealth or reading material and literature, facilitates personal study and use of online learning and research.

We are keen to provide study areas for those who wish to carry out research, homework and personal study before, during and after the school day. The vast majority of reference research is now done online rather than through encyclopaedias and other reference books. We are working on ways to recognise this and to adapt our Study Centre. As our students progress through to GCSE, this is something they are keen to help us to perfect.  

Our resources and study area are available to students during lessons, break and lunch. Services available within this facility are:

  • A wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books available for students to borrow; they can borrow up to two fiction (story) books and up to two non-fiction (subject) books at a time. There are no fines for overdue books but students will need to replace lost or damaged books.
  • Computers are available for use in the library during study clubs, break and lunch. They are available on a first come first served basis.
  • Laptop computers are also available for use in lesson time.
  • We have a dedicated Study Centre Manager who is always on hand to offer advice and assistance to students.
  • Three different working spaces: silent study pods, paired and group work tables.
  • Laptop and device plug ins.
  • After school silent study sessions, where help is on hand for advice and support.