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Why do we need a Sports Hall?

Our amazing pupils deserve a Sports Hall!

Manor High School has enviable outdoor sports facilities. They are vast, green and beautifully located. Our indoor offering needs to be updated and expanded in order to meet the ambitions of our school. Whilst we have been able to evolve our site to meet the aspirations of our learners, we need a sports hall. 

Our site team are well-practised in creating superb, modern learning areas in an ageing building with very little financial help. For us to create a sports hall requires a large fundraising effort.

Modernisation needed

Our gym in 1968
Our gym in 1968

The school has tried, and continually tries, to find sources of funding to address this issue. Ironically, although the DfE guidelines* recommend schools to have a “a school sports hall, which should be designed to critical minimum dimensions, for three or four badminton courts in schools with more than 600 places”, there are currently no government grants accessible for the large-scale development of sports facilities in schools.

Multi-use areas

Our main hall and gym are both multi-use spaces. Our main hall is used daily as a PE area for lessons, as our dining hall, as a performance or meeting space and for student assemblies. The gym is currently doubles-up as our GCSE exam space, so during PPEs and GCSE exams, the area is not accessible to our PE department.

Our PE department is going from strength to strength with excellent and highly-committed teachers offering a wide range of sports and activities. Having purpose-built, bespoke facilities would allow us to be able to take sports and fitness further within the school and celebrate even more sporting successes.​​​​​​

Help us to achieve our goal

As the top performing school in Leicester and Leicestershire, and in the top 1% of schools nationally, our excellent pupils deserve better.

Our vision is not a flight of fancy or pipe dream, it is imperative to the future of the school and to enable us to give our students the facilities they deserve. We believe every child has the right to enjoy the fun of playing sports, the joy of teamwork and to enjoy a comfortable space for exams. We are confident that our proposal is achievable. We will work hard until our vision becomes a reality.

* Department for Education: Area guidelines for mainstream schools, Building bulletin 103, June 2014