Core Values and Vision

Manor High School is a happy and friendly school with a strong sense of ethos. Our students make huge amounts of progress in their time with us and this is shown in their GCSE results and destinations beyond. We are an academic and traditional school but we set ourselves the challenge to be creative and to make all learning as enjoyable and as much fun as possible.

Our Core Values emerged as a consensus after much reflection between students, staff, governors and parents.

They are Excellence, Inspiration, Care and Respect.

The Excellence is shown in our GCSE results and in the fact that, when we were a 10-14 school, we achieved the highest KS2 SATs results in the area. Our school motto has always been “Excellere Contende”. We always strive for excellence in all areas. We are relentless in the pursuit of excellence, intolerant of complacency and always keen to learn from feedback and to reflect. We expect this of all students and all staff.

Inspiration comes from our students who have a passion for learning, love coming to school, achieve attendance figures far in excess of national benchmarks and engage in a multitude of endeavours both inside the classroom and far beyond. We recruit staff who inspire the students and each other so that learning is about excitement, self-fulfilment and discovery.

Care is at the heart of life at Manor High School. We offer a personalised and focused learning environment in a school of just the right size. We have excellent pastoral support and special educational needs provision with a caring team. Our students are encouraged to support charities and to care for others as well as for themselves. We are an International School and have supported schools in India, Zambia and Egypt. Each year, we raise thousands of pounds for charities. Each of our four Houses has adopted a charity. Through our enlightened system of vertical tutoring, students settle quickly in our school, are integrated rather than separated and the older students develop leadership skills as they support the learning and self-esteem of newer ones.

Respect is based around recognition and celebration of the many cultures which make up Manor High School. The majority of our students have families from all around the world and this brings with it a cultural richness which benefits us all. The common link is a respect for learning and for education. Much of respect is based around tolerance and understanding which provides strong links with traditional British values. We are proud of the cultures and values which combine to create the Manor High culture of learning and excellence.