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How to report a COVID-19 case

If you have a case to report, please contact the school on 0116 271 4941. Outside school hours, our COVID-19 reporting number is: 07904 235152.

Please note: voicemail, email or School Gateway messages should only be used to confirm details of a conversation held between parents and staff.

Please report immediately:

  • any child with symptoms
  • any tests taken by your child or others in your household
  • any test results 

Your child should stay off school:

  • if your child display symptoms
  • if anyone in the household displays symptoms
  • while awaiting a test result
  • if there is a positive a test result in your household
  • if they have been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive
  • if they have been advised to self-isolate

Please help us reduce the risk for all by:


  • Self-isolation means your child must remain at home both during the school week and during weekends. 
  • They shouldn’t be taking part in any activities such as sport during this self-isolation period or coming into contact with anyone outside of their home. 
  • Your child should also remain at home while taking other children within the household to school.
  • Your child must stay at home for 10 days. This is because it can take several days before an individual develops symptoms, or the virus can be detected. 
  • If a child has been identified as a contact, a negative test result does not mean they can return to school earlier.

Note: although the whole family doesn’t have to self-isolate unless your child themselves develops symptoms, you may wish to take extra care during this period, especially to minimise contact you have with older relatives.

Safe Return Documents

Please read find below documents relating to our Safe Return in Autumn:

The following documents relate to the steps being taken during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Safe Return Rational and Measures

(Published August 2020. Updated 2 September 2020.)


  • To act in accordance with, and in the spirit of, the guidance
  • To support social distance, minimise pupil and staff movement
  • To minimise contact between pupils and between staff
  • To facilitate in-depth and catch-up learning
  • To be ready to switch to planned routines and timetable when this is possible

Lockdown measures:

  • During the pandemic, the school has been open for all vulnerable pupils and the children of key workers
  • Face-to-face learning in school has been socially distanced
  • Online work has been set for all pupils
  • Online assessment has taken place
  • Online challenges and competitions have been set
  • Phone calls have been made every day to identified pupils and vulnerable pupils
  • Students who have not engaged with online learning have been contacted
  • Transition work was done online, in small groups, with tutors, interactively for Year 6 pupils joining MHS
  • Face to face Y10 work was switched online, to interactive small groups using Microsoft Teams after the Leicester Lockdown (2/7/20 until the end of term)


  • Full risk assessment conducted
  • Risk assessment reviewed regularly
  • All areas of movement around the school are marked for social distancing
  • Arrows for a one-way flow are marked on floors and stairs throughout the school
  • One-way plan produced and distributed to staff and students
  • Hand sanitisers are available in all parts of the school
  • Social areas are zoned in order to separate year groups
  • Staff drinks are provided in a spacious area in order to reduce contact
  • Safety briefings are provided for staff
  • Daily deep clean of the school plus continuous targeted cleaning throughout the day
  • All cleaners and site team re-trained and instructed to adhere to new service standards
  • Clothes washed frequently with daily changes of clothes
  • Entrance to site.  Separation of Brookside and MHS pupils
  • Bus separation of KS3 and KS4.  Sanitisers on the bus
  • All students must carry a face mask
  • In response to WHO and DFE guidance for pupils from Year 7 upwards, face masks must be worn:
    • when travelling by bus,
    • during movements to and from break and lunch
    • on arrival to and departure from school,
    • in communal areas (i.e. corridors, reception) and other spaces as directed by their teacher
  • Face masks are recommended in lessons but remain optional at this time
  • If your child has a medical condition, such as asthma, and wearing a mask is not comfortable they will be exempt. Please contact your House Manager to advise.PPE issued to all staff
  • Specific risk assessments carried out for vulnerable staff and learners
  • Two-metre social distancing will be applied at the front of every classroom to enhance staff safety
  • “Catch it, kill it, bin it” practices installed around site
  • SLA with LCC Health, Safety & Wellbeing service in place (expert consultants)
  • First aid procedures have been reviewed in line with government guidance
  • All routes created around the outside and inside of school are now touchless
  • COVID-19 incident and hazard reporting including full audit trails and fast response are in place

Plan for return of all pupils in the Autumn Term:

  • The school will suspend tutorial time.  Vertical tutoring will resume when cross-year collaboration is possible
  • Pupils from Year 7 and 11 will start on the first two days of the term 
  • Year 7 will be able to learn the site, its layout and the location of food and amenities
  • Year 11 will receive the additional time needed to re-familiarise themselves with routines
  • Years 8, 9 and 10 will start on the third day
  • Food serving times at breaks and lunches will be staggered
  • Year group zones at breaks and lunches with staggered return to lessons
  • Student movement between lessons will be eliminated
  • Students will not be required to move between classes
  • Teachers and support staff will not be required to move between classes
  • There will be no need to use changing rooms, thereby avoiding close proximity of pupils
  • Assemblies will be delivered to the classroom, removing the need to move and assemble en masse
  • Seating plans minimise student movement and contact
  • Turn off school bells for the duration of the safety plan
  • Staggered end to the day:
    • 2:55pm, Year 7 will be dismissed and escorted to the school gates or bus
    • 3:00pm, Years 8 and 9 will be dismissed and escorted to the gates or bus
    • 3:05pm Years 10 and 11 will be dismissed and escorted to the gates or bus


  • The school operates a two-week, 50 period timetable. This will be suspended for at least 10 weeks
  • Each lesson of the two-week timetable will become a single day
  • The school will suspend the timetable until it is safe to return to routines and movement
  • The 20 minute tutorial each morning will be suspended
  • The 20 minutes gained in the morning supports extended breaks and separate year group access to food
  • Lunchtimes will be zoned by year group and food serving times staggered (Year 7 takes longer to serve so  they will go first)
  • Lessons become whole days. Monday Period 1, for example, becomes day 1 with a lesson of up to five hours
  • Monday Period 2 will be the lesson for the Monday of the second week, Period 3 on Monday of week 3, etc.
  • The programme of 50 lessons takes place across 10 weeks
  • The programme of 10 weeks will be extended if the pandemic necessitates it
  • In-depth and catch-up work will take place over whole days for individual lessons
  • No learning time is lost
  • Staff will have a whole day at the point when the cycle hits PPA
  • Citizenship lessons are timetabled and so a whole day for these will take place within the cycle
  • Citizenship lesson days will provide opportunities for careers work and relationships work
  • Part-time staff will not be required, unless agreed through discussion, to come in on different days
  • SEND pupils can be withdrawn and supported for additional or focused work
  • SEND pupils will do work in the time freed up from tutorial work
  • Teachers will escort pupils to lunch at agreed times, staggered by year group
  • Teachers will be relieved for a minimum of 20 minutes at lunch by lunchtime supervisors, TAs, HMs and SLT
  • Validation of plans through the Excellence Group.  Sharing/comparing strategies
  • School start times remain the same.  Staggered end to the day. No requirement to alter bus times
  • The plan means that no further, potentially disruptive, whole-school re-timetabling, mid-year, is required
  • Colleagues who are new to the school will be supported well by teams
  • Parents of pupils who are absent on a day will be contacted in order to minimise lost learning time
  • If there were to be a virus case, the class and staff can be more easily isolated