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COVID-19 Measures

Safe Return Documents

Please read find below documents relating to our Safe Return in Autumn:

The following documents relate to the steps being taken during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Safe Return Rational and Measures

(Published August 2020. Updated 2 September 2020.)


  • To act in accordance with, and in the spirit of, the guidance
  • To support social distance, minimise pupil and staff movement
  • To minimise contact between pupils and between staff
  • To facilitate in-depth and catch-up learning
  • To be ready to switch to planned routines and timetable when this is possible

Lockdown measures:

  • During the pandemic, the school has been open for all vulnerable pupils and the children of key workers
  • Face-to-face learning in school has been socially distanced
  • Online work has been set for all pupils
  • Online assessment has taken place
  • Online challenges and competitions have been set
  • Phone calls have been made every day to identified pupils and vulnerable pupils
  • Students who have not engaged with online learning have been contacted
  • Transition work was done online, in small groups, with tutors, interactively for Year 6 pupils joining MHS
  • Face to face Y10 work was switched online, to interactive small groups using Microsoft Teams after the Leicester Lockdown (2/7/20 until the end of term)


  • Full risk assessment conducted
  • Risk assessment reviewed regularly
  • All areas of movement around the school are marked for social distancing
  • Arrows for a one-way flow are marked on floors and stairs throughout the school
  • One-way plan produced and distributed to staff and students
  • Hand sanitisers are available in all parts of the school
  • Social areas are zoned in order to separate year groups
  • Staff drinks are provided in a spacious area in order to reduce contact
  • Safety briefings are provided for staff
  • Daily deep clean of the school plus continuous targeted cleaning throughout the day
  • All cleaners and site team re-trained and instructed to adhere to new service standards
  • Clothes washed frequently with daily changes of clothes
  • Entrance to site.  Separation of Brookside and MHS pupils
  • Bus separation of KS3 and KS4.  Sanitisers on the bus
  • All students must carry a face mask
  • In response to WHO and DFE guidance for pupils from Year 7 upwards, face masks must be worn:
    • when travelling by bus,
    • during movements to and from break and lunch
    • on arrival to and departure from school,
    • in communal areas (i.e. corridors, reception) and other spaces as directed by their teacher
  • Face masks are recommended in lessons but remain optional at this time
  • If your child has a medical condition, such as asthma, and wearing a mask is not comfortable they will be exempt. Please contact your House Manager to advise.PPE issued to all staff
  • Specific risk assessments carried out for vulnerable staff and learners
  • Two-metre social distancing will be applied at the front of every classroom to enhance staff safety
  • “Catch it, kill it, bin it” practices installed around site
  • SLA with LCC Health, Safety & Wellbeing service in place (expert consultants)
  • First aid procedures have been reviewed in line with government guidance
  • All routes created around the outside and inside of school are now touchless
  • COVID-19 incident and hazard reporting including full audit trails and fast response are in place

Plan for return of all pupils in the Autumn Term:

  • The school will suspend tutorial time.  Vertical tutoring will resume when cross-year collaboration is possible
  • Pupils from Year 7 and 11 will start on the first two days of the term 
  • Year 7 will be able to learn the site, its layout and the location of food and amenities
  • Year 11 will receive the additional time needed to re-familiarise themselves with routines
  • Years 8, 9 and 10 will start on the third day
  • Food serving times at breaks and lunches will be staggered
  • Year group zones at breaks and lunches with staggered return to lessons
  • Student movement between lessons will be eliminated
  • Students will not be required to move between classes
  • Teachers and support staff will not be required to move between classes
  • There will be no need to use changing rooms, thereby avoiding close proximity of pupils
  • Assemblies will be delivered to the classroom, removing the need to move and assemble en masse
  • Seating plans minimise student movement and contact
  • Turn off school bells for the duration of the safety plan
  • Staggered end to the day:
    • 2:55pm, Year 7 will be dismissed and escorted to the school gates or bus
    • 3:00pm, Years 8 and 9 will be dismissed and escorted to the gates or bus
    • 3:05pm Years 10 and 11 will be dismissed and escorted to the gates or bus


  • The school operates a two-week, 50 period timetable. This will be suspended for at least 10 weeks
  • Each lesson of the two-week timetable will become a single day
  • The school will suspend the timetable until it is safe to return to routines and movement
  • The 20 minute tutorial each morning will be suspended
  • The 20 minutes gained in the morning supports extended breaks and separate year group access to food
  • Lunchtimes will be zoned by year group and food serving times staggered (Year 7 takes longer to serve so  they will go first)
  • Lessons become whole days. Monday Period 1, for example, becomes day 1 with a lesson of up to five hours
  • Monday Period 2 will be the lesson for the Monday of the second week, Period 3 on Monday of week 3, etc.
  • The programme of 50 lessons takes place across 10 weeks
  • The programme of 10 weeks will be extended if the pandemic necessitates it
  • In-depth and catch-up work will take place over whole days for individual lessons
  • No learning time is lost
  • Staff will have a whole day at the point when the cycle hits PPA
  • Citizenship lessons are timetabled and so a whole day for these will take place within the cycle
  • Citizenship lesson days will provide opportunities for careers work and relationships work
  • Part-time staff will not be required, unless agreed through discussion, to come in on different days
  • SEND pupils can be withdrawn and supported for additional or focused work
  • SEND pupils will do work in the time freed up from tutorial work
  • Teachers will escort pupils to lunch at agreed times, staggered by year group
  • Teachers will be relieved for a minimum of 20 minutes at lunch by lunchtime supervisors, TAs, HMs and SLT
  • Validation of plans through the Excellence Group.  Sharing/comparing strategies
  • School start times remain the same.  Staggered end to the day. No requirement to alter bus times
  • The plan means that no further, potentially disruptive, whole-school re-timetabling, mid-year, is required
  • Colleagues who are new to the school will be supported well by teams
  • Parents of pupils who are absent on a day will be contacted in order to minimise lost learning time
  • If there were to be a virus case, the class and staff can be more easily isolated