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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

Well done to Eisha, from Year 10, who cut off and donated 17 inches of her own hair and, in so doing, raised a whopping £1,140 for the The Little Princess Trust!

The Little Princess Trust are a charity that use donated hair to make hand-made wigs, which they give to young children who’ve lost their hair during chemotherapy.

Eisha said of her endeavour, "I was considering a new look and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to help a great cause in the process. I then decided that I not only wanted to donate my hair but also raise money for the charity; I found out that it cost them £550 to make one wig so set that as my fundraising target. Three weeks later I went and had the big chop. Originally, I planned to only cut off 12” of my hair, however, I walked out of the hairdressers 17” of hair lighter and a whole new look. On top of donating so much hair I also managed to raise a whopping £1,140 for the Little Princess Trust…more than double my original goal!   So, thank you so much to everyone who’s donated towards the cause and supported me in this journey."