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Donating PPE to the NHS

There is always good to be found in bad situations. Here at Manor High, we have been following government advice to the letter but felt there had to be more we could be doing to support those in most need.

On hearing about the desperate need for PPE equipment by the NHS, Mr Powell made a few calls and within a matter of hours had, with the support of our superb Science Department, put together a collection of much needed equipment.

After contacting the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust we were able to provide the following from Manor High School:

  • 2 unopened boxes of uni gloves
  • 6 unopened boxes of disposable gloves
  • 4 sets of unopened overalls
  • All of our school goggles (200+)
  • There are two unopened boxes of goggles.
  • We also have a roll of disposable aprons

On Monday 30th March, our equipment was delivered to Leicester Royal Infirmary. We appreciated the time taken by the staff there to receive this at such a busy and pressured time. The staff impressed on us that the need for the equipment is real and that it is highly valued and will make a difference. We were concerned that this may be an extra burden for the staff but were assured that this is not the case.

Manor High also sent an email to all secondary schools in the area with the contact details for further deliveries of equipment from other schools. Since writing to other secondary Headteachers, a growing number of schools have now donated. Thank you to all of the staff, especially the science technicians who have quickly assembled all.of the PPE for delivery from The Kibworth School, Welland Park Academy, Hastings High School, Rawlins Academny, King Edward College, Lutterworth High School and Lutterworth College. We are sure this list will continue to grow.

Mr Powell continued to champion this cause on BBC Radio Leicester on Wednesday 1 April, talking about the ways in which schools can support our NHS heroes through the provision of Personal Protective Equipment. You can hear the interview on our Facebook page.

We applaud the NHS heroes and are glad that the goggles, gloves, aprons and sanitiser will be of help.