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English Home Learning Heroes

Firstly, we would like to say a huge thank you and well done to all the parents, guardians and carers supporting our students with home learning.

You have coped brilliantly and we are glad you are staying home to stay safe. Remote learning isn’t easy and this has been a time of huge adjustment but your care and support has been very much appreciated. You are our heroes.

Secondly, to our students: You have made us so proud; the way you have adapted to a very different style of learning and communication has been incredible.  Stay safe and stay motivated. Check out our Twitter feed for messages and updates as well as Show My Homework for weekly tasks and GCSE POD for tutorials and quizzes.

#GetCaughtReadingLockdown has provided everyone with a perfect opportunity to read as many books as possible and this is your chance to read all the books you have always wanted to. Manor High staff and pupils have shown that you can read absolutely anywhere - even stuck upside down in a doorway! The competition is still open and prizes will be given to best staff and student photos.

You can also see the rest of the photos on Twitter by following @enmanor

Happy reading.

Mrs Goddard, Head of English

Year 7

Well done for completing so many Accelerated Reader quizzes and working tirelessly on your skills booklet.  We can’t wait to see how you progress with this term’s Island Project!

Well done to Raeesah Year 7 for showing great success with Accelerated Reader whilst in lockdown as you storm ahead with 17 accurate quizzes taken! Keep up the hard work and stay safe.  Thank you to Abi for your amazing book trailer video too!

Year 8

You have done brilliantly exploring detective fiction through the stories of Sherlock Holmes. We are looking forward to seeing what you create for this term’s Island Project!  Remember to keep up your reading and quizzing on Accelerated Reader.

Special mention goes to Rebecca for soaring ahead with accelerated reader and Carter for an inspirational piece of story writing.

Year 9

We have been blown away by how well you have coped with revising Shakespeare and even completing an assessment on the play.  Keep revising and stay motivated. Well done to Mohammed on some fantastic Macbeth notes.

Macbeth notes


Year 10

You have coped so maturely with this upheaval at a crucial time in your studies and the good news is you haven’t lost any progress, ensuring you watch our weekly tutorials and completing the weekly quizzes has secured your understanding.  Well done!

Some students have been setting up their own virtual study groups – a fantastic show of dedication and innovation. Other students have been submitting creative response to the key texts and we were all in awe of Raul and his brother’s motivational video on making home learning fun. Keep sending us these great examples of the Manor High way.

Year 10 work

Year 11

Where to begin? We have missed you enormously this term and sympathise with the unprecedented change to how you envisaged your final terms of Year 11. You coped brilliantly with swift farewells and uncertainty around the future, still finding time to celebrate. 

Several students have continued to demonstrate the excellent, diligent approach to study your year group and Manor High represents.  You have entertained us enormously with your brilliant videos to keep morale high and reading at the forefront of our learning.  Stay focused on your future, keep reading and keep researching for the next stage in your educational journey.  We are here to help you transition smoothly so don’t hesitate to get in touch for guidance or advice in the future.