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Science at Home

From forensic fingerprints to reactions on rocket launches, there is always something fun to study in Science.

Our students have been working really hard and managing their home learning really well. Below is an outline of the work each year group are doing along with a few examples of the work that has been sent in. 

Don’t forget to checkout our Science Twitter page to see more incredible attempts at the science challenges and updates from the Science department. All the best and stay safe.

Year 7

Year 7 have been working through their chemistry Schemes of Learning and every Friday have had a new science challenge to tackle. They have certainly enjoyed attempting the home practical challenges and sent in photos of their attempts. A few examples below are of the Forensic Fingerprint challenge by Ayaan and Veer with the Rainbow chromatography. There are loads more attempts to be found on our Science Twitter feed: @MHS Science.

Year 7 work

We would like to say a massive well done to all Year 7’s for attempting the work being set on SMHW. The quizzes are also being attempted and allow students to assess how they are progressing with each topic within the chemistry unit. The end of chemistry unit test is soon followed by the end of year exam, so we would request all the year 7’s to start revising for that. There will be useful revision resources put up leading to the tests so all the best and we hope to see more of your attempts at the Friday Science Challenges.

Year 8

Year 8 have received a full topic list and guidance of a learning structure to adopt. This is based on research and guided objectives and questioning; supported by PowerPoints and worksheets.

They have been receiving a combination of BBC Bitesize links and Fuse School Youtube video links (as well as other resources) to support the PowerPoint and worksheet based lessons that have been set such as seed development as seen in the picture below by Cayman.

Year 8 work

Challenge questions have also been set to really push the Year 8’s students as they draw closer to Year 9 where they will start attempting GCSE content as part of the three-year GCSE plan.

Year 8’s are definitely big fans of quizzes and have attempted several SMHW quizzes to check their understanding.

Year 9

Year 9 continue tackling the physics unit with many elements of the GCSE specification embedded in their learning. They are persevering through the GCSE content independently and this is something they should be very proud of.

Many Year 9 students have been tackling six mark GCSE questions and have sent their work through to their teachers who have also commented on how well the questions have been answered. Some examples pictured below are from Jason, Resandu and Mariam.

Year 9 work


Year 10

Year 10 students have been diligently working through chemistry work set for them by their class teachers on SMHW. The students are set to complete the GCSE Chemistry Unit by half term after which they will revise for and sit their end of chemistry exam. Triple science students have been set the challenge of revising for their end of biology, chemistry and physics exams, using the resources their specialist teachers have uploaded for them.

Each week students are set a range of activities: 

  • Combined science students are set a mini test to complete that relates to what they have been learning about. The following week the mark scheme is uploaded so students have been able to self-assess and improve their work thus enabling them to identify their strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Every week all students are set a GCSE exam question that they answer and email to their class teacher to mark and provide feedback. This means that class teachers are able to address any misconceptions as students are learning and can identify areas that need revision when school re-opens.
  • Quizzes on SMHW and Quizlet are also proving popular with students, with many students achieving 100%!

It was also great to see Year 10 students participate in the Easter challenges. Attempts were sent in and we have selected Sania with her amazing poster on the scientific event that shares the same date as her birthday and Mahanimah with her Ice Cream Challenge. 

Year 10 work

It is great to see so many students completing the work and contacting their class teachers to ensure they understand the concepts they are learning about. Please keep up the fantastic work Year 10 - your class teachers are incredibly proud of you!