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Wellbeing in Lockdown

It is World Mental Health week the 18th–24th May, something that we would normally highlight in school and with our parents and carers at home.

At this time, it can be difficult to manage the balance between safety, family life and an education for your children. This is not an easy task by any means and, as so many of our teaching and support staff have children at home, it is one with which we can fully empathise. 

To support our parents, as well as our students, we have put together a wellbeing newsletter from Mrs Mehta. In this newsletter, you will hopefully find some support with regards to the wellbeing of your family. As mentioned, World Mental Health week (18th–24th May) is something we would have raised awareness of in school but, given the current situation, it is probably more crucial than ever that we do this.

For all families, we urge you to look after yourselves, to develop and maintain routines and to support wellbeing. It is important to be open and honest about our wellbeing, and to acknowledge that we all have days that are not so great. Having the resilience to get back up again is part of having a positive outlook on wellbeing and is important to ensure we do not struggle with anxiety.

Stay safe, and take care of yourselves.