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BLM Art Project

Netania, in Year 10, has had her work displayed as part of a ‘Shine - because Black Lives Matter’ exhibition in Leicester.

The completed work will be part of a collage display which will be exhibited online and at The Bishop Street Chapel Exhibition space in Leicester Town Centre to celebrate life. 

The exhibition has been curated by Mellow Baku and Leonie DuBarry Gurr. 

Netania’s work can be seen for now via the Facebook page: Every Brilliant Thing . 

Alongside her acrylic painting, Netania has also written a poem; 'Colour Blind Mind' 

"Colour Blind Minds Breed a Colour Blind World" 
Imagine a world with colour blind mind 
Colour blind mind 
Sees no hate 
Sees no colours 
Sees no race 
Sees no division 
But, only breeds a world of unity 

Netania says of her work, "My hope is, Colour Blind Mind, inspires a united world."

Well done Netania, for celebrating your heritage in such a beautiful way.