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Humanities competition winners!

Our Humanities team set students a number of exciting challenges this term to test their knowledge and creativity.

Nazi projectOver the autumn terms, a number of students have completed some excellent work in both History and Geography.  A number of competitions have been run to consolidate learning and give our students the chance to pit their work against each other. As always, our students rose to the challenge. 

In History, we set a Netflix/film competition where students could choose a historical film or drama to review; some of the entries were outstanding and showed the enthusiasm and curiosity our students have.  Well done to Kevin Zhu in Year 8 who reviewed the amazing story: The Journey to the West

Other history competitions included researching Black Tudors and leading members of Germany in the period of 1933-1945, which gave students an insight into what they would be studying in the year ahead in History.  We had some great entries from Megan Jones and Josh Davis.

Black Tudors projectThrough Learning South Leicestershire, a network of local secondary schools, students across all years entered a competition based on a local hero. They made a great effort to enter and each wrote about their local hero in 250 words. The top prize was £50 worth of Amazon vouchers and we are currently awaiting the results.  Good luck to all that entered.

In Geography, our research competitions included one on ‘Places I would like to visit...’ Well done to Ayaan Patel who won the competition for his research of Switzerland.

In Year 8 students started to prepare for the start of the GCSE course by learning about Zambia. This is a poor (LIDC) country, which students study at the beginning of Year 9. There was a competition to research the country and the winners were Halima Member, Henry Moyse and Muhammed Osman.

A full list of winners is below. 

History competitions geography competitions

Netflix competition:

  1. Kevin Zhu
  2. Jasleen Mahal
  3. Dawood Ahmed and Umar Ravat

Year 8 - Research Black Tudors

  1. Ayaan Patel
  2. Josh Davis
  3. Nailah Boda

Year 8 - Research a place you'd like to visit

  1. Mahanimah Abbas
  2. Ayaan Patel
  3. Joseph Burns

Year 9 - Research leading Nazis

  1. Megan Jones
  2. Muhammed Osman

Year 9 - Research Zambia project

  1. Haleemah Member
  2. Henry Moyse
  3. Muhammed Osman

Year 10 - Nazi Germany activities

  1. Safia Noor-Patel
  2. Ammarah Jakhura
  3. Nazrana Khadem

Year 10 - Summer Challenge

  1. Resandu Suraweera
  2. Nazrana Khadem
  3. Esme Stewart