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Charity Fundraising goes online

Manor High has seen a huge increase in charitable donations since moving our fundraising online.

Fundraising for charity is something which is very close to our hearts at Manor High School and students always embrace any opportunity to support those in need. The pandemic has created some challenges in how we do this but we try to be creative and find solutions wherever possible.

This year we have trialled a cashless method of fundraising by asking for donations for Children In Need to be made via School Gateway rather than the traditional method of students bringing in a donation in return for wearing their own clothes for a day.

The results surprised and delighted us: there was a 41% increase in donations compared with the same event last year (£869.50 compared to £616.07), with parents generously donating £5 or £10 rather than the minimum £1 suggested donation.

There is the added benefit of improved health and safety as the money does not need to be physically counted and it is also far more efficient in terms of time. This method of fundraising is likely to be used for the foreseeable future and we are currently promoting Christmas Jumper Day.