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#letsgethealthy challenge

Following the success of our #letsgetmoving initiative back in the first lockdown last year, we recently launched a new House competition to encourage our students to look after their health during this lockdown.

Given that we are now in a third lockdown, we are keen to encourage our students to look after their health and wellbeing. Following the success of our #letsgetmoving initiative, we decided to launch a new campaign that not only would encourage students to find ways to look after their health whilst in lockdown but also offered accessible activities during the winter months. So it was decided: #letsgethealthy.

#letsgethealthy did not have to be physical activity, it could be other things such as cooking, arts and crafts, sewing, reading, playing a musical instrument, etc. As well as being a fun challenge, participating students were entered into a House competition with house points awarded for the top four photos.

Students sent photos of their activities, or the outcomes of their efforts, to their House Managers with the #letsgethealthy in the subject line. 

The entries were judged and winners announced on 2nd February.  Well done to the winners below, and their entries.

1st place

Eisha Sodha C11A

2nd place

Sayful-Islam Musani B5

Eisha's birthday cake


Sayful's healthy meal


3rd place

Faisal Mulla K2

4th place

Rayan Mojid W4

Faisal's drawing


Rayan's cake