Through our curriculum, we aim to meet the individual needs of all students across the full ability range by delivering a curriculum which has high expectations, encourages active learning, delivers academic success and builds self-worth.

More specifically, the chief aims of the education provided in lessons, extended work and through curriculum enrichment activities are as follows:

  • to help all students to achieve their full potential in all areas of learning and experience, through a broad and balanced curriculum which is differentiated according to the varying ability and motivational needs of the students;
  • to allow all students a deep immersion in their subjects to enable them to master their subjects and secure the maximum possible success in public examinations, with a strong focus upon the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) curriculum;
  • to help students to develop a wide range of mental attributes that will develop the confidence for them to succeed at home, in work, in leisure and in any continued education beyond aged 16;
  • to help students to acquire a wide range of physical and practical skills and to help them utilise those skills in a variety of different contexts;
  • to engender in students a love of learning for its own sake, helping them to recognise the pleasure and enjoyment that can be gained from the acquisition of new knowledge and understanding and the development of new skills;
  • to ensure students develop qualities of character and personality as will help them to take their place as active citizens in a pluralistic, multicultural, democratic British society;
  • to help students to develop an awareness of moral values, to recognise the existence of moral values other than their own and to respect the core values implicit in the ethos of the school.

Fortnightly Cycle

This is the Manor High School curriculum, we operate a two week timetable, it offers breadth but also the opportunity for mastery and depth of study.